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We are an entrepreneurial company, a family business, that has become in 2005 a member of the Eureka Group with headquarter in Cyprus. We are active on the market of household cleaning products (being the most important player with local production in this segment) and on the market of the products for personal care (through the brands we distribute).

We provide good quality products, at accessible prices for our consumers.

Our most important brands are: Biocarpet (market leader on carpet cleaning products), Peak WC (market leader in the segment of solid toilet soaps), Aroxol (2nd brand on the insecticide market), Rivex (3rd brand in segment of glass and parquet cleaning products), Denim (cosmetic products for men).

Our portfolio includes:

  • products for cleaning and care of all household surfaces: toilets, carpets, windows, parquet, tiles, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, cooker, stove, vessels.
  • products for clothes care, fabric softener, liquid detergent for clothes, chlorine, anti-calc, bleaches without chlorine
  • insecticides
  • personal care and intimate hygiene products: products for make-up removal, napkins and pantyliners, antiseptic wet wipes for hands, wet wipes for babies, cosmetic products for men (deodorant, aftershave, shower gel, shaving foam and cream), liquid soap for hands.

2009 was the 10th year of double digit growth for the business in Romania. Our turnover reached to Euro 21 millions in 2009 (growing by 15% compared to 2008). Despite the unfavorable economic conditions, the company grew in 2010 by 5% compared to 2009 and 3% compared to the target.

Starting with 2010, we have launched a new brand on a new market - Igienol, disinfecting liquid for surfaces and objects - and repositioned three of the most important brands of the company: Biocarpet, Rivex and Peak.

We are a team of entrepreneurial persons, very ambitious and flexible and a marketing challenger who dares in time of economic crisis to launch new brands, to reposition and reinvent brands.

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